Making schools a healthier and a safer place
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Workshops/ Programs/ Campaigns

School Visits By Mental Health Professionals

A professional psychologist visits every school to cater the mental health needs of the students. They help in socio – emotional development of every student through individual counselling and group workshops.  The Psychologists works in teams to spreads awareness about mental health.

Resources and support for teachers and parents are provided. Students are taught to form healthy goals, better career planning, mind-sets, behaviour, coping skills, manage time, develop study skills and also learn self-motivation.

Individual And Group Counselling (online Services Also Available)

With pandemic and closing down of schools, the process of providing mental health support continues through online mechanism mood.

Workshop For Student

  1. On all round mental development of students.
  2. Behaviour modification of students through counselling.
  3. Helping students to cope with their academic, stress, interpersonal issues.
  4. Life skill training.

Workshop For Teachers

  1. To understand unusual behaviour of students in classroom.
  2. Making teachers well equipped with psychological corrective measures.

Workshop For Parents

  1. Focuses on psycho educating the parents about “Positive Parenting”.
  2. Focuses on developing a healthy parent-child relationship.
  3. Focuses on adolescent issues and how parents can tackle them in a smart way.