Emergency Services
In campus Ambulance
Ambulance will be placed in the school campus during the school hours for prompt and safe transfer of the student to his house or to the hospital during any medical emergency.
School Nurse
All schools under the program will have trained school nurses in the school campus and will look after all medical cases with the support of the advice from the emergency medical doctor
Emergency Doctor
The nurse will be in constant touch with the emergency doctor and all required advices will be taken from the doctor to manage any medical emergency. This is to ensure that any child with a medical need receives prompt and professional medical support.
It is seen that in most of the emergency cases the hospital tend to refuse to see the cases because of financial reasons. In order to overcome this problem this program will provide a amount sufficient for the initial management of the cases.
Hospital Tieups
All major hospitals including both private and government will be empanelled  to provide prompt attention to any student coming through this program. In all hospital nodal doctors will be enrolled and they will act as the primary attending doctor.
Project CHILD takes the pride of saying that this is for the first time in The north East and also probably in India where the school sick room is being monitered by doctors by the use of TELEMEDICINE, where any medical emergency in school is managed under the guidance of a doctor who can see the patient and have a personal interaction with the student.via the use of telemedicine . The school nurse is guided by the doctor who is present in the Project CHILD office , and appropriate evaluation is done and guideance is given to the nurse to do the needful for safe and proper initial management of any medical emergency in school. We plan to initiate in all the schools of Guwahati and Assam under our coverage and spread it to other North Eastern states.

Long Term Health Services

Comprehensive Eye Checkup
The Eye check up is done with the most advanced tools by specialist . Our motto is to direct the child to further investigation after knowing the diagnosis. As the check up  is done in a school without the presence of the guardians , so no invasive procedure is done. The Faculty of the school also goes through the checkup.
Comprehensive ENT Checkup
The Ear Nose and Throat are the main areas were the growing the child face frequent problem. To look into these our ENT specialist give special importance to detect those hidden problems which later on might grow to much bigger diseases.
Comprehensive Checkup by Child Specialist
Along with the special Organ check the child shall also undergo a general check up of his vitals like height, weight, pulse, chest, abdomen and others
Comprehensive Dental Checkup
The growing teeth needs special attention as they are the gateway into, our stomach. Problems in Teeth like poor hygiene, dental carries, gums problems needs to be tackled  immediately otherwise they give rise to intestinal problems like indigestions, frequent loose motion, severe tooth pain and last but not the least damages the aesthetic look of the child
Life Style Management Program
Most of the present day diseases are related to faulty lifestyle. Over nutrition and under nutrition both amounts to malnutrition. Children in the modern day are becoming more and more victims of mal nutrition. In order to address this problem a counseling sessions in the schools will be undertaken by doctors and nutritionist in inculcate the health seeking behavior of a student.
Substance Abuse
Adolescence are specifically much more vulnerable to substance abuse due to various reason like peer pressure, inquisitiveness and adventurous behavior. In order to overcome the risk, proper encouragement, counseling and knowledge will be provided to the students and try to prevent them from falling prey to substance abuse.

Universal truth states that Exercise is good for Health. In order to achieve the perfect health the students will be counselled regarding proper exercise techniques.

Stress Management & Life Skills

With modern day hectic schedule and competitiveness many students are falling prey to mental and emotional stress. In order to overcome this problem the students will be councelled by medical professionals like Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Life Style Specialist.

Reproductive Hygiene Counselling Session for the Adolescence boys and girls 

Health Record Maintanance

Record in Papers

All students will be asked to maintain a health card which will be updated periodically and this information will be compiled and given to the student at the time of leaving the school along with his transfer certificate. This record will of great help in his future life.

Record in Electronic Media

This is a maiden venture were by a student shall be able to maintain his health record on the internet. He will be able to view his changing health index through out the school life. In case of medical emergencies when the past medical history becomes very important very few students can give his history and in the process vital medical information remains hidden from the attending doctor. With this online health record this problem will be solved as the student will no longer need to memorizes his past medical profile . All he has to do is to give his identity no to the doctor who in turn can view his medical record on the internet.

Any school authority / hostel authority who are in charge of group of students can undertake the services which will be of great importance and of great use.



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