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Mental Health Program

Our Mission under mental health

“Beautiful days begin with beautiful mindsets”.

CARE for mental health is equally important as physical health; Project CHILD helps you to focus on holistic school mental health.

The prevalence of mental health disorders in age group 13-14 years is 7.3% and a staggering 9.8 million of adolescents are in need of active interventions.  Depressive Episodes (26%), phobias – 45%, intellectual disability (1.7%), Autism Spectrum Disorder (1.6%), and Phobic anxiety disorder (1.3%), Tobacco (7.6%), alcohol (7.2%), suicidal ideation (5.5%) requiring urgent interventions (NIMHANS Mental Health Report, 2015 – 16)

There is an immediate need to identify these signs so that children can get the care and support they need. Evidence shows that children with mental health issues are reported to achieve lower levels of educational attainment and progression, with higher levels of school absence and higher risk of social and behavioral problems. Difficulties such as attention deficits, cognitive disturbances, lack of motivation and negative mood all adversely affect scholastic development.

This being the’ need of the hour’,  an integrated and evidence based program is being implemented.