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As a parent myself, we send our most valuable possession i.e our children  to a school, where he /she spends the most active 7 hours of their day. The moment our children steps out of the house, all parents pray for their wellbeing and safety. We put out children in the hands of the schools. But are the schools prepared to handle emergency, specially medical emergency! In most of the cases handling medical emergency call for professional approach , which many schools are unable to provide, either due to non availability or due to high cost factor. In case any  medical emergency arises, there is generally utter chaos in the school, and ultimately teacher play the role of a doctor/ nurse. But ironically he/ she is not trained to do so!! 18 yrs back we a group of young doctors initiated Project CHILD ,a low cost high value program  to cater to the overall school health needs, which ranges from medical emergencies, physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, record maintaining, health promotion, and lifestyle modification needs of the children of the schools. Thus the birth of Project CHILD took place. In our 18 years of journey we have learned a lot, helped a lot of students and parents, supported the school and their students in times of medical crisis, identifying medical conditions which were silent and was detrimental to the health and academic outcome of the child. We wish to make the access to emergency and preventive physical and mental health care, affordable and  accessible to all the school children of this country. Our children deserve safety, protection and Good health, and Project CHILD undertakes to give them their rights in a compassionate and professional way. We wish all parents, students, schools, teachers to come together to be a part of this mission.