Making schools a healthier and a safer place
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  • Ensuring school preparedness in dealing with medical conditions and emergencies , through proper SOP.
  • Ensuring setting up of a school medical clinic with professional in all schools with more then 750 students.
  • training of teachers in dealing with medical issues in schools less then 750 students
  • Ensuring proper and professional Mental health program in schools , with clear result oriented approach.
  • Providing an  affordable , sustainable  and professionally managed preventive and promotive health care to the school doorstep.
  •   Standardisation of school health program irrespective of the economic condition , geographical location , and regional challenges.
  • building bridge between School , parents ,  children and health professionals.
  • ensuring medico legal compliance by the school while dealing with medical conditions in the school.
  • To increase our current impact on  6,00,000  students to 15,00,000 lakh students across cover the whole of North East India by 2025.
  • To use our experience of 18 years , and formulate need based action and programs.