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About us

Introducing the 3rd Generation School health Programme "

About us

Project CHILD , is North East India’s oldest and the largest comprehensive school health program since 2003 . It caters to the Emergency and the long term physical and mental health needs of a school.

The year 2003 saw the dawn of a new era in school health. A group of 23 young Doctor lead by Dr Shantonu kr Das and Dr Sanghamitra Saikia ( paediatrician ) brought in the concept of a professionally managed school health program and lunched their flagship program called Project CHILD.

Why a professionally managed school health program?

A School holds the most precious gift of a parent ...their CHILD, who spends more than 6 hrs of their active time in the school premise. They learn , play and grow . Any average size school in any given point of active time holds more then 250 precious sons and daughters , away from the watchful eyes of the parents. It become utmost important for the school to understand the importance of having a professionally managed medical support system for the students under their care!!! any school not having a robust mechanism to address the emergency and other health need of a child is doing a criminal negligence .

Every child has their own unique medical requirement and it becomes utmost important for the school management to provide for the same. Schools now er days are no longer only a place of study , but has become a place of all round development . Each and every parent will be happy and deeply relieved if they have the assurance of having a professionally managed school medical support system . Project CHILD caters to that need of a parent , the student and the school management through a professionally managed school health program !!!